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Alain Dubuc
Special Counsel




Professional experience

Alain Dubuc, the well-known economist, author, journalist and political commentator, joined The JBL Group as Special Counsel in November 2018.

Alain Dubuc began his career as an Economic Journalist, then became Editorialist and later Chief Editorialist at La Presse, Montreal's major daily newspaper. He then moved to Quebec City as President of Le Soleil, then back as a columnist at La Presse, which he left in June 2018.

Throughout his career, Alain Dubuc has been interested in the health care system, to which he has devoted numerous editorials and columns. He has also given numerous conferences to the main organizations in the field of health care. It is this knowledge of the economic and political aspects of the health care system and this experience of public debate on the issue that Alain will put to use as a Special Counsel to The JBL Group.

Alain is a Member of the Order of Canada.